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A friend.

We talk a lot and I say a lot of things but there is something I don't say enough Thanks for always being there Especially when the times were tough! You are my strength, my pillar You always stood by me no matter what everyone left, but you didn't budge! you were there even though we'd fought! During the times when nothing was right and the world came crashing down you hugged me and let me cry without a complain, without a frown. You listen to me complain all day long the same story over and over again thanks for your time and patience thanks for soothing my pain. You have no idea how thankful I am that you are mine and I have you around all that I am is because of you without you I would have drowned. Seeing you sad is something I can't see I'll do anything to see that crooked smile I'll run to the ends of the earth and after that for you I'll run another mile. Things might change or stay the sa


2/4/13 Life never fails to amaze me. At every step it has something new in store for us and not just this it makes us do things we couldn't have imagined even in our wildest dreams..! For instance in my entire life i never thought i'd be able to live so far away from home, in a place where i don't get to see my parents everyday, fight with my brother or go crazy with my best friends..! But look here i am..its been seven whole months..and i am living life..making it through each day...its is a very big price to pay despite the fact that it is for the making of a new life.. It is tough...but what scares me the most is that i can learn to live without being around the most important people in my further will life take me..and moreover how far will i be willing to go... 14/4/13 Everything in life has become a it academics of have to do everything and also be the best at all of them..even if you don't have the slight