A friend.

We talk a lot and I say a lot of things
but there is something I don't say enough
Thanks for always being there
Especially when the times were tough!

You are my strength, my pillar
You always stood by me no matter what
everyone left, but you didn't budge!
you were there even though we'd fought!

During the times when nothing was right
and the world came crashing down
you hugged me and let me cry
without a complain, without a frown.

You listen to me complain all day long
the same story over and over again
thanks for your time and patience
thanks for soothing my pain.

You have no idea how thankful I am
that you are mine and I have you around
all that I am is because of you
without you I would have drowned.

Seeing you sad is something I can't see
I'll do anything to see that crooked smile
I'll run to the ends of the earth
and after that for you I'll run another mile.

Things might change or stay the same
don't leave me behind in the maze
always be a friend is all I can ask
I promise to love you, forever and always.


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