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Exam times!

Normally, we find ourselves constantly postponing tasks, whether they be our daily chores or other planned activities. After all, procrastination tends to be ingrained in our nature. However, there comes a specific period, usually lasting 15-20 days, in every student's life when suddenly nothing can be delayed any longer. Everything must be accomplished immediately and with perfection. I believe you all can relate to what I'm referring to—the exam period! During this time, students will go to great lengths to avoid studying. Even those of us who typically neglect cleanliness may suddenly feel an irresistible urge to tidy up our rooms and make them spotless. The rest of the year, it might look as if a hurricane just passed through, but during these crucial 15 days, everything needs to be in perfect order. People suddenly realize they need to lose weight, buy groceries, or reach out to that aunt who called two months ago! For some of us, we attempt to broaden our creative hor

An amazing course!

This semester I took a course called "Introduction to western music" with two of my friends and today was our last class. I wasn't required to but it seemed interesting and easy, plus I had already done music earlier so I assumed I would pretty much know most of the things and would get a head start. Within the first few classes only I realized, that I did not have much of an advantage because western and hindustani are completely different. The first few weeks were fun, we sang and danced in the class and I really had a good time. That was one class I would always look forward to and I tried never to miss. Things were all fine and then we were given the assignment to perform a musical in a group of 23 or so people. This was a huge turning point in the course. We performed the musical called "Mamma Mia" and somehow I ended up with the role of the main character.  While preparing for the musical me and friends had some disagreements which turned into a

Friends or not?

There once was a time when friendship had some value, love lasted forever and people would keep their promises. A time when people said what they meant and you could rely on one another. A time where human interaction was valued. Not the give and take relationships we have today. The attitude of people using others as and when they please is pretty recent. This "I love you until someone better comes along" attitude is the whole problem. Now people treat each other as resources. Friendships are made and broken according to convenience and love has become a joke. People jump from one person to the other faster than you can make popcorn.  These days you would probably care more for your iPhone 6 than you do for a friend. After all the phone cost you so much money! See this is the problem, things were meant to be used and people loved, but we have confused it in our heads and now we love things more than we love people. I am not saying everyone is the same but take a cl

The hands with bangles.

Civilizations have progressed, literacy rates have risen, living standards have improved, the world has shrunk but what has not changed is the attitude of society towards women. This is because the mental outlook of people is such; it has always been like this. Women have been considered an inferior race for as long as anyone can remember. They are not viewed as active, smart-thinking individuals but merely as vessels that carry future generations, objects of desire and the carriers of honor of the male members of their families. Rather in some societies a “woman’s worth” is measured in her abilities to bear children. They are considered incapable of making decisions and logical thinking. The woman is confined to the chores of the house and belongs within the four walls of the kitchen. You must be thinking that this is the scenario in some rural small time village where people are not that educated and still have archaic thoughts about the society. Well this is the scene even in th

The one with F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

We all watch a lot of TV shows these days and hopefully all of you have seen it too. If you haven't, then stop reading right now and go watch it. And for those of us who have seen it can agree that more or less it is one of the most entertaining sitcoms of all times. There have been many attempts to recreate the "Friends" magic, but it has not been possible. Friends for its die-hard fans can never get boring! For most of us friends fanatics, we know the dialogues backwards and still crack up at the mere sight of Joey! The reason friends is so loved is because it gives an image of a happy fun friend circle and their stories are somewhat realistic. We all can relate to them on some level or the other and as a matter of fact probably have. I am sure at some point you tried to relate your friends to a character from friends! All the characters on the show have a unique characteristic.Phoebe is the wierd one, Chandler is the sarcastic one, Joey is the dumb one, well yo

A walk down the memory lane

Sometime when you are free (mostly happens with me during exams), open your chat on facebook and scroll down to almost the bottom. And start reading up. Open random chats and just start reading. Within the first ten minutes a wave of nostalgia is going to hit you hard and will drag you back. It will take you back to some other time and will get you thinking. And while all of this is going on, there will be one tiny voice inside your head asking if you regret any of it. This will make you think about the changes that have taken place over time. You will realize that even the tiniest of things can cause a change. A text you had been meaning to send, a call you had to return,or something just as insignificant.   All of our actions and decisions pile up over time and result in what our life is today. Some of them are deliberate and some happen unconsciously. But the real question is whether you regret any of these decisions, if you gave up too early or you wasted your time barking

The ship of dreams (18 June, 2013)

The Titanic, the unsinkable boat is a legend known to all.Its grandeur and magnificence is well known and so is its strength. I know there have been many articles and blogs about this legend but none the less i feel compelled to write about it. RMS Titanic departing Southampton on April 10, 1912 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The Titanic was not a any other ship sailing across the ocean it was a dream, a new beginning, and a hope to many hearts sailing in it. As it left the shore and everyone was exchanging hugs and goodbyes and good wishes, no one knew how soon it all was to end. When it went down into the ocean it was not just the hundreds of dollars or hundreds of people, with it went down thousands of dreams and aspirations, never to resurface again. Though in the later years the remains of the Titanic were discovered it was not the same boat it which had set out. It had lost its grandeur to the sea, buried forever with its passe

First year :a look back (19 June, 2013)

So, after one full year, which now seems to have gone by very quickly, I sit here thinking about it. This one year has changed everything. I still remember the very first day when I stood at the gate and looked at my college, my home for the next four years. It was nothing I had imagined it to be. Rather, from the first look, it seemed pretty bad, and I thought to myself, "How will I do it?" But then, as I took a closer look, it did not seem so bad. So what if the roofs had moss all over them, and what if my room was in the extreme corner? It was my world now, and I had to make the best of it. I met a lot of people and made a lot of friends—some lasted only for a week or so, and some are still beside me, partners in crime. College is a place where you make your own decisions and your own identity. And every single decision counts and adds to your personality and gets stuck to you . You meet all kinds of people here, some who are like you and some who are comp


There is a very famous quote, "Time Heals" but time also changes. As time goes on you might not realize but every second that goes by has an effect on us and changes us, our perspective, our thoughts, our personality. For me these last two year have changed me tremendously. Two years ago when I walked through the gates of BITS Pilani Goa Campus I was a very different person. A nervous, shy, humble and idealistic girl had walked in, who hadn't seen the world. And today when I look back, these last two years have changed me a lot. But for the most part I'm still the same. Just like on exposure to moisture iron rusts and loses it shine but beneath all that rust some iron is still present. Pardon me for my references (engineer). Taking that same analogy the world is a cruel mistress I'd say our best achievement would be to stay the same in this world that is constantly trying to change us. Well not staying the same, but never letting go of things that define a y