An amazing course!

This semester I took a course called "Introduction to western music" with two of my friends and today was our last class. I wasn't required to but it seemed interesting and easy, plus I had already done music earlier so I assumed I would pretty much know most of the things and would get a head start. Within the first few classes only I realized, that I did not have much of an advantage because western and hindustani are completely different. The first few weeks were fun, we sang and danced in the class and I really had a good time. That was one class I would always look forward to and I tried never to miss. Things were all fine and then we were given the assignment to perform a musical in a group of 23 or so people.

This was a huge turning point in the course. We performed the musical called "Mamma Mia" and somehow I ended up with the role of the main character.  While preparing for the musical me and friends had some disagreements which turned into a huge fight resulting in me losing them, but that isn't the part I want to focus on. Yeah so of course for the musical all of us had to meet every day for 6-7 hours and practice and so during all of this, I got to know a lot of new people. (Generally, I'm very shy but since the situation demanded I had to make an effort :P) And this turned out to be amazing! I met some really amazing people and made some friends, whom I will hopefully take forward even after college. And the people I met were all so sweet. They still referred to me as Soph or Sophie (my character in the musical) and I referred to some of them as their characters also. And by the end, we all became really good friends. But the sad part is that most of them are seniors who will be leaving in a month.

And after the performance, we would all sit together and have fun in the class with our instructor (who was just the sweetest). We would practice for our practical exam together and help each other out. And the next assignment was the presentation and my group was a set of completely different people trying to work together!! We all would sit in one of the corridors' of the academic building and sing songs all night, telling scary stories(and I would be hitting the guys for trying to scare me) and cracking each other up. Somehow the day before the presentation we completed our work and not to brag or anything but we were pretty good!

All in all it was the best course I have taken in my three years of college till now and I don't think any other course will ever be this good. I don't know if it was the instructor the topic itself or the way it was planned or the people but it was just what I needed! And I'm going to remember these people all my life. This class left me with a lot of memories and two dads, a fiancé, two footballers, an unbelievably sweet flutist and a few musicians.


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