Exam times!

Normally we keep delaying things, our chores or anything else we have planned to do. After all procrastination is in our nature. But then come these 15-20 days or so in every student's life, when suddenly nothing can wait. Everything needs to be done then and there and need to be perfect. I think you all know what I'm talking about. The exam times! We students will do anything but study. Even the most filthiest of us have this urge to clean our rooms and make it spotless. The entire it'll be like a a hurricane just came but these 15 days it needs to be spotless. 

Image result for exam times imagesPeople suddenly realize they need to lose weight or buy groceries or speak to that aunt who had called two months ago! For some of us we try to expand our creative horizons. Take me for example, I've been wanting to write a blog since always but never had time and now my exams are 5 days away and I put up a post everyday! We will do anything as long as it keeps us away from those wretched books! Miracles seem to be taking place, the lazy ones are cleaning their rooms, the insomniacs will sleep all day and you will see one guy outside his room trying to tune his guitar before his fluids final. Like right now I'm supposed to be studying biophysics but here I am writing about procrastination.

And the night before the exam everyone is up trying to cram things up and wishing they had studied and making resolutions to study from the beginning the next semester and attending all classes, all of which are forgotten the day exams end. And the whole cycle takes place again from scratch. Well I should now get back to studying, too much work!


  1. Blog wog dhoka hai ... Padhlo beti mauka hai :p :p

  2. Blog wog dhoka hai ... Padhlo beti mauka hai :p :p

  3. Haha! Mann hi nhi ho rha pappa :P


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