First year :a look back (19 June, 2013)

So after one full year which now seems to have gone by very quickly, i sit here thinking about it. This one year has changed everything. I still remember the very first day when i stood on the gate and looked at my college my home for the next four years. It was nothing i had imagined it to be, rather from the first look it seemed pretty bad and i thought to myself how will i do it. But then as i took a closer look it did not seem so bad. So what if the roofs had a moss all over them and what if my room was in the extreme corner, it was my world now and i had to make the best of it.
I met a lot of people and made a lot of friends, some lasted only for a week or so and some are still beside me, partners in crime. College is a place where you make your own decisions and your own identity. And every single decision counts and adds to your personality and gets stuck to you.
You meet all kinds of people here, some who are like you and some who are completely different. You learn to live and enjoy with all of them. And every one of them has something to teach you, things you wouldn’t find in any book or any website. It's like a dress rehearsal for real life.

Now if i had to sum up my first year at college I'd say it was pretty great year and I had a nice time. I got to learn a lot not just academically but in general about people about everything. Met people whose frequency of crazy matched with mine. Got to experience a hell lot. I had a lot of ups and downs in my first year. Made some very amazing friends and some very bad decisions. But you know what this is life you are allowed to make mistakes just don’t let them weigh you down. And now i feel i am ready for the beginning of another chapter and to make many more mistakes..!!


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