Friends or not?

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There once was a time when friendship had some value, love lasted forever and people would keep their promises. A time when people said what they meant and you could rely on one another. A time where human interaction was valued. Not the give and take relationships we have today. The attitude of people using others as and when they please is pretty recent.
This "I love you until someone better comes along" attitude is the whole problem. Now people treat each other as resources. Friendships are made and broken according to convenience and love has become a joke. People jump from one person to the other faster than you can make popcorn. 

These days you would probably care more for your iPhone 6 than you do for a friend. After all the phone cost you so much money! See this is the problem, things were meant to be used and people loved, but we have confused it in our heads and now we love things more than we love people. I am not saying everyone is the same but take a closer look around and you'll see what I'm talking about.
But you might still find a few of those people who hold the old school of thought. These are the people who will help you even when you didn't ask for it. These are nice, helpful and compromising people, and hence are assumed to be weak and people start walking all over them! Being nice is mistaken to be a sign of weakness. And these are the people who will end up disappointed and frustrated because they see the world as they are and we all know that reality is a little different. Isn't this just a little sad! Your parents and grandparents might have friendships older than you yourself. There is something wrong in the way things are right now. I understand that realistically we all need to be selfish and self-centred for our sake but all I'm asking is for you to increase the radius.


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