The one with F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

We all watch a lot of TV shows these days and hopefully all of you have seen it too. If you haven't, then stop reading right now and go watch it. And for those of us who have seen it can agree that more or less it is one of the most entertaining sitcoms of all times. There have been many attempts to recreate the "Friends" magic, but it has not been possible. Friends for its die-hard fans can never get boring! For most of us friends fanatics, we know the dialogues backwards and still crack up at the mere sight of Joey!

The reason friends is so loved is because it gives an image of a happy fun friend circle and their stories are somewhat realistic. We all can relate to them on some level or the other and as a matter of fact probably have. I am sure at some point you tried to relate your friends to a character from friends! All the characters on the show have a unique characteristic.Phoebe is the wierd one, Chandler is the sarcastic one, Joey is the dumb one, well you get the idea.
Here are some fun facts you might have missed, so go back and take a look again.

5. The only two characters that wear glasses are Chandler and Rachel!
4. Throughout the series, Rachel has kissed all the other 5 character at some point or the other.
3. We never learn Phoebe and Monica's middle name in the show.
2. In the first couple of episodes, Monica and Rachel's apartment number was5. This was changed later to number 20 because the producer notices that 5 would correspond to an apartment on the lower floor.
1. Season 2 is the only season without a Thanksgiving episode.

There are many more from where this came, so keep checking and how you doin..? :D


  1. You forgot Gunther!! He was my favourite! Hearts out to that fighter and warrior in the see of love! :)


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