The ship of dreams (18 June, 2013)

The Titanic, the unsinkable boat is a legend known to all.Its grandeur and magnificence is well known and so is its strength. I know there have been many articles and blogs about this legend but none the less i feel compelled to write about it.
RMS Titanic departing Southampton on April 10, 1912 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Titanic was not a any other ship sailing across the ocean it was a dream, a new beginning, and a hope to many hearts sailing in it. As it left the shore and everyone was exchanging hugs and goodbyes and good wishes, no one knew how soon it all was to end.
When it went down into the ocean it was not just the hundreds of dollars or hundreds of people, with it went down thousands of dreams and aspirations, never to resurface again. Though in the later years the remains of the Titanic were discovered it was not the same boat it which had set out. It had lost its grandeur to the sea, buried forever with its passengers.
The ship which took three whole years to be built sank in less than three hours. These three hours showed all kinds of emotions from all extremes, with people putting others before them on one hand to killing others to save yourself.  People on board found their own ways to fight the calamity, some were departed  safely on the life boats, others struggled to survive till the last second, some just accepted their fate and  waited.
The Titanic was not just a ship but home to a million hopes and dreams, of love and friendship and most of all the to the souls of twenty two hundred people and their faith, their aspirations, their promises and dreams.The unsinkable ship sank but i believe that it still is unsinkable because even though the ship and many of its inhabitants are buried at the very bottom but these dreams and promises can never sink. No iceberg can do any harm to them. These dreams are still out there the only difference is just that the eyes seeing them are different.


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