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Clear the cache.

It's been a really long time. I have a decent reason for it. You see I can't write just like that, I need to be inspired, I need something to get me thinking. I need the oblivion. And this time, my new phone got me thinking. These days half our lives are on our gadgets. Our contacts, photos, messages etc. We have all of that stored on our laptops and phones. What if one day you were to wake up and all of that was to go away. In one instant all of your data just vanished. Any normal person would go crazy and that is the expected reaction. After all, his life was on there. Something like this recently happened to me. Something was wrong with my phone and I got it replaced. I tried to take a backup on my laptop but being technologically impaired things did not work out properly and I lost all my data! All my photos all my messages, contacts, notes everything. Generally, I would be devastated but surprisingly I am not. This got me thinking. The last time I had change


Everything is changing! The lifestyle that we've been used to for the last three years is going to change drastically! The people, the surroundings, the routine, everything. This has happened before once with us before (those of you in college currently will understand what I'm saying). The last time this happened we were leaving school, leaving home to go to college. Ah! what dreams we had about this place. We had so many expectation, dreams and hopes when we first set foot in college. We all had plans of making college one of our best experiences of our life. And we had a dream of making it big! For me this was in 2012 and the college was BITS Pilani, Goa. Yeah Goa, I know what you are thinking what an amazing place to have your college and indeed it is! As freshmen college does hold a certain charm and when you add Goa to it, you can imagine what we all had in our minds! :P These three years in BITS have been simply amazing. It's been a complete roller coaste

To be or not to be?

"Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it's broken, but you can still see the crack in the reflection" Trust is something extremely delicate. It takes years to build and just a second to break. It is flimsier than a soap bubble. Just one prick and everything is gone, just like that. People say heart break is tough and devastating, but I feel it is comparatively easy to recover from, but if someone's trust breaks it is almost impossible to rebuild. Its like that one tiny crack that just keeps leaking no matter what you try to do about it. Plaster it, tape it or cement it, nothings works. It might stop leaking for a while but you know it is bound to come back.  You might try all you want, try to put things behind you, have a clean slate, turn over a new leaf, but that little smidge of doubt does not go away, it is always there. It is self preservation, and why not. It is in our nature to protect ourselves. Trust requires a track record, so you just can

Rain! :)

What is it about rain that is so different from everything. It magnifies everything around us! With every drop that falls everything around you comes to life. People gather around to talk and enjoy, kids play pranks on each other, couples get romantic and within minutes you can see paper boats sailing towards their unknown destinations.Its like a black and white movie filled with color. The grass is greener, the flowers seems brighter, the children enthusiastic and the women beautiful! (bollywood movies :P ). Our bollywood movies seem to have exploited rains very well! They use it to depict sensuality and romance on one hand and sorrow on the other. The awesome wind that knocks you out and the amazing smell just lures you away from your work. You just can't seem to ignore it. You look up towards the sky full of clouds and without realizing you start seeing shapes everywhere, a dragon, a spoon and what not. It's like the clouds have a story to tell. The best part is just