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Everything is changing! The lifestyle that we've been used to for the last three years is going to change drastically! The people, the surroundings, the routine, everything. This has happened before once with us before (those of you in college currently will understand what I'm saying). The last time this happened we were leaving school, leaving home to go to college. Ah! what dreams we had about this place. We had so many expectation, dreams and hopes when we first set foot in college. We all had plans of making college one of our best experiences of our life. And we had a dream of making it big! For me this was in 2012 and the college was BITS Pilani, Goa. Yeah Goa, I know what you are thinking what an amazing place to have your college and indeed it is! As freshmen college does hold a certain charm and when you add Goa to it, you can imagine what we all had in our minds! :P

These three years in BITS have been simply amazing. It's been a complete roller coaster ride, with a lot of ups and downs. I can barely remember a "not happening" time here. From being freshmen to the senior most in our college has been an incredible journey. We all have changed so much over the last three years, some for good, some for worse, but we have. And I would like to think we will leave a with a lot more than what we had when we first walked in. Though it's not time for me to leave yet.  But it is time for things to change again. Once again our world goes topsy-turvy and we have to figure it out. This is that time of the year when you see your friends and neighbors packing up their entire rooms. Packing three years of their lives in boxes and leaving the rooms they had once called home. I think it must be hard for them to choose what to take with them and what to leave behind. But seeing them pack  is harder for those of us who are staying back. To see their rooms empty, the same rooms we have spent countless night having fun and making memories.

It is hard to say goodbye to friends. To know that they won't be banging your doors to wake you up, or making you miss your classes and to know that you won't be talking to them through the walls again! It's going to be hard to not fall asleep on their floor again or not sleep the entire night at all. And after all of this what do you even say to one another! I for one can't find words worthy enough to say anything. To sum up what they mean  in a few lines is just cruel, because honestly it can't be summed up into just a few words. The only thing I can seem to say is that this is not the end, not here not now.

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