Clear the cache.

It's been a really long time. I have a decent reason for it. You see I can't write just like that, I need to be inspired, I need something to get me thinking. I need the oblivion. And this time, my new phone got me thinking. These days half our lives are on our gadgets. Our contacts, photos, messages etc. We have all of that stored on our laptops and phones. What if one day you were to wake up and all of that was to go away. In one instant all of your data just vanished. Any normal person would go crazy and that is the expected reaction. After all, his life was on there.

Something like this recently happened to me. Something was wrong with my phone and I got it replaced. I tried to take a backup on my laptop but being technologically impaired things did not work out properly and I lost all my data! All my photos all my messages, contacts, notes everything. Generally, I would be devastated but surprisingly I am not. This got me thinking. The last time I had changed my phone and done the whole backup thing, I barely had any space on my new phone. It was a 12GB phone and after restoring the backup, there was just around 2GB left. And all of that was supposedly important data that I absolutely required and so I had very little space to do something different. But now that I have all the space in the world, well not all the space, just the amount in the memory card.

I am free to use those 12GB however I want. Similarly in our lives to enjoy new things we need to clear some space first. To enjoy the present and the future, you need to let go of the past. We cannot hold on the everything always. We need to learn to let things go. And trust me it doesn't feel half bad. Rather I feel free and excited! It's like a weight off my shoulders. Who doesn't like a clean slate, well, in this case, a clean memory card. All of us have enjoyed new notebooks. Every time we got a new notebook, we all thought to ourselves that we would do it differently this time. I think life is the same.

The past is very dear to all of us. Our past is what makes us who we are, but you cannot live in the past. It is okay to take an occasional ride once or twice, but you cannot be a permanent resident there. As if you need to install a new app you have to delete something, likewise to have new experiences you need to delete a few. And this does not mean letting go of everything, it means finding the line between significant and trash. There are these times when everything around you is changing, think of these times as tides, that wash over you and take something away. What we fail to realize is that they leave us with some memories and clear out some space for the new adventure we are about to embark upon.


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