Rain! :)

What is it about rain that is so different from everything. It magnifies everything around us! With every drop that falls everything around you comes to life. People gather around to talk and enjoy, kids play pranks on each other, couples get romantic and within minutes you can see paper boats sailing towards their unknown destinations.Its like a black and white movie filled with color. The grass is greener, the flowers seems brighter, the children enthusiastic and the women beautiful! (bollywood movies :P ). Our bollywood movies seem to have exploited rains very well! They use it to depict sensuality and romance on one hand and sorrow on the other.
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The awesome wind that knocks you out and the amazing smell just lures you away from your work. You just can't seem to ignore it. You look up towards the sky full of clouds and without realizing you start seeing shapes everywhere, a dragon, a spoon and what not. It's like the clouds have a story to tell.
The best part is just before it starts raining. Everything is so eerie, so quite except for the swoosh of the wind and then suddenly the flash in the sky and the thunder. It is spell binding! Rain is one of the most beautiful and calming things I have experienced. The sound of the rain falling is surprisingly soothing. It has an effect on everyone. It makes people think! Contemplate on something that has been going on, its gives you the quite you need to think, it greases the bearings of your brain. It magnifies emotions. It brings back old memories from the past, happy or sad. 

Image result for rain black and white with coffeePeople say when it rains along with the flowers love blossoms too. I say it's not just love in the air, you can see nostalgia lurking behind the pillar, trying to get to you. And once you give in there is no snapping out of it. You just sit there gazing out the window and become oblivious to your surroundings. And it is in this oblivion that you open closed boxes and let your emotions flow along with the rain. So the next time it rains, I say make some tea, order hot samosas, sit by the window and let the oblivion engulf you!


  1. Excellent depiction of emotions with nature.. Keep it up,.

  2. Excellent depiction of emotions with nature.. Keep it up,.


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