To be or not to be?

"Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it's broken, but you can still see the crack in the reflection"

Image result for crack in the mirrorTrust is something extremely delicate. It takes years to build and just a second to break. It is flimsier than a soap bubble. Just one prick and everything is gone, just like that. People say heart break is tough and devastating, but I feel it is comparatively easy to recover from, but if someone's trust breaks it is almost impossible to rebuild. Its like that one tiny crack that just keeps leaking no matter what you try to do about it. Plaster it, tape it or cement it, nothings works. It might stop leaking for a while but you know it is bound to come back. 

You might try all you want, try to put things behind you, have a clean slate, turn over a new leaf, but that little smidge of doubt does not go away, it is always there. It is self preservation, and why not. It is in our nature to protect ourselves. Trust requires a track record, so you just can't trust someone in an instant. And moreover you have no means of knowing if things won't fall apart again. Like you can never get rid of that creak of light in your room at night, similarly you can't fully get the trust back.

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All of this in mind, there is still an unanswered question. Is it possible to trust someone again, to mend things and have a fresh start? Or is it a myth? And even if by some dumb luck it is, is it worth all the effort. I mean you put your faith in someone, trust them so much and for what! Trying to trust someone again is hard. To get to terms with yourself about it, you really need to feel it from within. It starts with first forgiving them and yourself and freeing yourself. Which itself takes a lot of courage, to let go. You must be really willing to make things work for you to even think about trusting them again. It has to be dealt with extreme care, because one wrong step and everything becomes incorrigible. And I don't think after that there is any hope.

 So yeah be careful of who trust, because when you trust someone you give them a small part of yourself. As for the questions, there is no definite answer, no algorithm, you have to try for yourself and take a chance. And yeah one more thing, if you've had a bad experience doesn't mean it'll happen with everyone. Never let one bad experience, ruin you. Believe in people, there is still some good out there. And probably someday sometime someplace, you can take a chance.


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