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Women Empowerment. Yeah right!

We say we are progressive. We sat we are open minded. We say we are moving forward. But this progress is selective and limited. Equal rights for women, Women empowerment, Women reservation bill. This still remains a myth in India. These words are empty promises.1996. The Women's reservation bill was proposed in 1996 and it's been 18 long years and this particular bill is still stuck in the parliament. Being held back by the the claws of the legislature. The governments have come and gone, and the minister sitting in the parliament have changed but this bill is still stuck there. The main agenda of the bill is for women to have a certain amount of representation in our parliament, so that even the female population get a fair hearing. But we are far from it. The other problem is that though we all might discuss it and say it and nod in support of it, but its not what we practice. It's okay for us to discuss this in our parties and get angry when we read about the


Birthdays are fun! Specially when you were a kid, with the party hat and the giant cake! We would have a party at home and play around with our friends and get birthday bums also :P We would run around and play classical chairs and dance to the music!And even as our party ended we weren't sad because then it was time to open gifts and see what new toys we would be playing with!! It a very exciting day. But then we grow up and the special day looses its charm, we would prefer to have a gathering of some of our friends and go have dinner at a nice place. No balloons, no caps, no giant cakes! This happens probably because the budday parties don't seem cool. I for one will be turning 21 in a few minutes and I still love all the childish stuff! I want a giant cake with glitter, streamers and balloons all around me! Well now I'm getting off topic, this wasn't my intention of writing this article. Even as kids or young adults our birth days revolve around us, our parties ou

Home! :)

Home! The place where your heart comes alive. Home, the place where you feel safe!   Home, the place with all your memories. You can travel the world, stay at four seasons, meet the most interesting people and have the most exquisite food, but in the end you will always come back home. Home is the place you grow up in. The place where your mom measured your height against the wall, the place where you hid maggi in your cupboard, the place you long to be when you need comfort. It makes you happy just to be there again. All of us have our own rooms and we like it so. If the magazine is on the floor, then that is probably where it is supposed to be. And we don't like it when anyone "messes" it up or even tries to clean it up. Our home is a part of us. What if I were to suddenly uproot you give you a new house and say here this is your new room, love it! This has happened to me every 3-4 years. My dad gets transferred eve