Birthdays are fun! Specially when you were a kid, with the party hat and the giant cake! We would have a party at home and play around with our friends and get birthday bums also :P
We would run around and play classical chairs and dance to the music!And even as our party ended we weren't sad because then it was time to open gifts and see what new toys we would be playing with!! It a very exciting day. But then we grow up and the special day looses its charm, we would prefer to have a gathering of some of our friends and go have dinner at a nice place. No balloons, no caps, no giant cakes! This happens probably because the budday parties don't seem cool. I for one will be turning 21 in a few minutes and I still love all the childish stuff! I want a giant cake with glitter, streamers and balloons all around me!
Well now I'm getting off topic, this wasn't my intention of writing this article. Even as kids or young adults our birth days revolve around us, our parties our gifts and our fun. But this time I have a different thought. Yes agreed this day is special to us, after all we were born today, but this day is just as special to one more person, our moms. It was on this very day that her journey of those 9 or so months caring for us ended. It was on this day that we came into her life as well. Now I should get back,its going to be 12 any minute. So yeah this one's for you mom! I love you! And thank you and happy my birthday to you too! :)


  1. Felt really nice reading the last few lines of this article


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