Home! :)

Home! The place where your heart comes alive. Home, the place where you feel safe!   Home, the place with all your memories. You can travel the world, stay at four seasons, meet the most interesting people and have the most exquisite food, but in the end you will always come back home. Home is the place you grow up in. The place where your mom measured your height against the wall, the place where you hid maggi in your cupboard, the place you long to be when you need comfort. It makes you happy just to be there again. All of us have our own rooms and we like it so. If the magazine is on the floor, then that is probably where it is supposed to be. And we don't like it when anyone "messes" it up or even tries to clean it up. Our home is a part of us.

What if I were to suddenly uproot you give you a new house and say here this is your new room, love it! This has happened to me every 3-4 years. My dad gets transferred every 3-4 years and we have to pack everything up and move. As a kid I had a lot of fun, new places, new people, new friends, basically everything new and exciting! I did not mind this one bit. But there was this one place we stayed for longer than usual, almost twice than we do in normal places. And recently we shifted, yet again! But this time I wasn't happy as usual, I did mind! Probably because I got a little too comfortable there.And now that I've gone off to college I seem to treasure that place even more. I want someplace to go back to that is familiar, where I've grown up with friends. A place where the walls can tell stories about me. I have friends who have stayed there whole life in the same house same room! They see the same fan every night before sleeping. They could probably walk in their house blind if they had to and not get hit once, that is what home is. Knowing every detail about your fan :P  

People often talk about changing their view, that they've become bored of the same old thing and they need change and excitement in life. But I say it is better living with the same view, knowing the neighbor's cat and having the chai wala around the corner know how you like your tea. Sitting here in our fancy new apartment, all I can think of is the glue marks on my tiles (that is another story) and my walls and my magazine on that stained carpet and I miss home!


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