Women Empowerment. Yeah right!

We claim to be progressive, open-minded, and moving forward, but our progress appears selective and limited, especially when it comes to equal rights for women, women's empowerment, and the Women's Reservation Bill in India. These aspirations remain elusive, and the words spoken about them feel like empty promises. In 1996, the Women's Reservation Bill was proposed, and after 18 long years, it remains entangled in the claws of the legislature. Despite changes in governments and ministers, the bill languishes in the parliament, hindering the main agenda of providing women with fair representation for a more balanced and inclusive political landscape.

While we may discuss and express support for these issues, our actions often fall short. It's easy to engage in conversations, express anger when reading about these matters in the newspaper, and offer unsolicited advice or comments. However, when it comes to our families, subtle yet distinct differences persist, especially in our metro cities. Beyond urban areas, the situation worsens, with women continuing to be treated as objects and facing unequal treatment. The burden of their gender follows them wherever they go, impacting their rights and opportunities.

Our society imposes unspoken rules or "etiquette" on women, creating an expectation that women are meant to follow them implicitly. The phrase "Boys will be boys!" perpetuates bias against women, granting boys freedom based on their gender while restricting women for the same reason. Even in supposedly modern families, biased attitudes towards women prevail, dictating expectations related to cooking, dressing, demeanor, and outgoing behavior. The notion that women who dress "indecently" are inviting trouble reinforces a skewed perspective, blaming the victim rather than addressing the root cause.

In our society, women often encounter the "glass ceiling," a deceptive barrier hindering their progress. This barrier separates women from men, trapping them below with no apparent way out while those above show little willingness to extend a helping hand. This reality is disheartening, reflecting a society that falls short of its claims of progress and equality.


  1. Disagree! Its proper to tell girls to be cautious! Cause you can teach your own boys to be well behaved but you cant teach everyone right! It is equivalent to telling your kids to wash their hands before eating because they might be hygienic but obviously cant go and keep everyone around them clean! Hence the kids must take some precaution themselves!


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