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This one's for the two of two!

The title might suggest that this is something to do with the BITS initiative, but no it isn't so relax!
We all have friends and then we all have best friends. The people who are always next to us, partners in crime, holding our hand during a breakup and then later kicking our ass too. You're actually supposed to know the other person for quite sometime and only then is when you start trusting the other person and you become best friends. I here have a slightly different story. Well its was summer on 2014, the sun was high up in the sky when..oh who am I kidding! Well in BITS after our second year we have a college mandated internship for about 2 months. This internship or as we call is Practice School 1 is allotted to us by our college itself. So in one station we are about 10-12 kids from all three BITS campuses,i.e. Pilani, Goa and Hyderabad.

Image result for bits hyderabadWhen I was allotted my station I was happy. It was close to home (theoretically) and I already knew a couple of people who would be working with me so I assumed it would be fun. Then one day randomly during compre this guy from the Hyderabad campus pings me on Facebook and started talking and what do you know, he hasn't stopped since! This guy was a footballer,was in mechanical and was quite outgoing. I thought to myself hmm he seems fun!

Image result for bits pilani pilani campusDuring around the same time I was going through the list of people who would be at my station and there was only one other girl, someone from Pilani. Me being sort of uninterested did not bother to contact anyone. So, one day randomly I get a message from this very girl, she had somehow managed to get hold of my number. We exchanged pleasantries, talked for a bit and that was it. Then sometime later she mentioned this guy from Hyderabad who had found her too! And it was no one other than our very own footballer. This girl seemed a little serious and studious (the studious thing is probably because of EEE). She did not seem my type.

And after almost a year, even though being apart all this time and spending as little as only two months together, these two people became very close to me. Even in all this time in the three separate BITS campuses, we grew closer and began to trust each other. We had this whatsapp group where we would discuss and share everything. We ourselves did not realize when this bond formed. We were probably not physically present with each other but our support and love was more than the people right there with us. We had started out as interns at our beloved Global Autotech and some how became what we are today, they are my best friends!

I hope this makes up for not putting up a status for you guys! Don't have too much fun without me in Mumbai and miss me. I love you guys! 


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