"Scars are a sign that we have lived, fearlessly. Scars indicate that we've at least tried"
                     - Thy guy who never stops talking :)

We all have scars. People generally don't like scars. They try to hide them from the people around them. But I find them very interesting and somewhat intriguing too. I believe every scar has a story behind it, the how, when what where and why. And mostly these aren't ordinary stories of our daily life. These are safely guarded secrets or unknown mysteries. And the scar is a dead giveaway of our secrets. It might be because of a reason as simple as that you fell while riding you bicycle or  something that took place behind the scenes.

Image result for shattered glass of wineEvery scar you get, it changes you somehow. You can try to hide it but it is still there, hidden but there.Scars mark a significant time in a person's life. They don't happen on a day to day basis, no.  They mark an important event, an important time. And the scars are a physical evidence, a proof of that very event. You will rarely see people talk about it, they generally try to hide it but if you manage to see it and ask them about it, you will notice that they aren't willing to, they might just shrug it away. You cannot look at a scar and not wonder about it, you cannot stop yourself from reliving some moments around the time it happened. It's like a trigger and once the bullet is shot, it can't be retracted. It has to hit it's mark. This bullet isn't fatal, just refreshes our wounds.

Scars can be anything, a cut from a razor or a cut when you fell, a burn from a candle to a burn that was intended, a scratch because a fly was bother you or because someone just wouldn't let go. Scars seem superficial but are indeed very deep. The worst of all is a scar that cannot be seen, that is invisible to the eye. These scars are the worst of all. They take forever to heal and can be just as easily be bruised again.

With time our scars might fade away. But you can always see their impression, feel their heat. Scars might fade away but the memories never do. They live in a dark corner in our mind, waiting to haunt us, yet again.


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