Today it was graduation at our college. Our immediate seniors wore the traditional black robes and smiled proudly as they received their degrees. It was an amazing scene. There was something in the air, I think it was a mix of a lot of emotions. You could just smell the rush and excitement in the air. You could see seniors with satisfaction over completing their degree and also determination and confidence of stepping out into the world and proving themselves and probably some nostalgia over being with their friends for one last time! The same old things, one last time.
At every step parents were beaming at their children, proud as hell. Their kids had just graduated from one of the best institutes in the country. Friends congratulating each other and clicking photos here and there, trying to capture the last few moments of their college life on the film. Graduation day has different meaning to everyone, for some this is a fresh start, for some a chance to make their dreams come true. I cannot imagine how they feel. I don't think it a feeling you can anticipate or guess, you just have to live the moment to realize it. 

Image result for graduationIt feels like it was just sometime back that they were here ragging us and having fun. And at the same time making us feel welcome and comfortable in our new homes. And seeing them graduate and leave, makes me proud and a little sad as well. This college will not be the same without them. Their legacy will be left behind and it is up to us to follow it.

Seeing our seniors graduate was a little scary as well. Next year it would be our turn. Our turn to leave all of this behind. The late night talks, the library gossip, the random plans, the compres, everything. And most of leaving college and trying to find our spot in the world and proving our potential. Well we still have a year left to make more memories, and make this last year count. And when next year it is our turn, we'll enter the world bang on!


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