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What is the point of it all?!

It is a general opinion that a person's college life is the best time in his or her life.It is probably because in college there is a lot of freedom and not a lot of responsibility. We have the liberty to be carefree here because there isn't a lot of risk involved. It is like a transition phase from being a kid with restrictions and being an adult and totally independent. College life gives us just enough independence. And this comes right after the gruesome two years, where most of us study for more number of hours that we can count, have coaching classes and tuition and what not. Basically back then we were so involved in entrance exams and calculus and organic that we did not have time to look around and have fun. And also we were living with parents under restrictions and not a lot of room. It's like you are sitting in the driver's seat but the car is being controlled by a remote control. Once we come to college, that remote comes into our hands and we have

Rain 2.0 :)

The smell of the fresh earth and the wet mud, the dew of the leafs, the pitter patter on the ceiling, I love everything about rain. I love how it makes people stop whatever they are doing even for a second, but that is enough.I love how these tiny drops bring the kid out hiding behind our pile of chores. You all must of heard about beer goggles. It is the name given to this concept where when a person is under the influence of a alcohol, they supposedly perceive things different that they normally would. For me that is rain. The technical term for such a person would be a pluviophile. Nature also greets rain like an old friend, reunitig after days. Everything becomes beautiful, you can see luscious greenery everywhere you look.The earthy smell of rain, just takes your mind of everything. And if the sun happens to be around, you can witness a picturesque rainbow spanning the blue sky and several tiny ones in the drops that fall. And that rainbow! Ahh! Brings back so many child

"Distance makes the heart go like, huh? "

                            "You don't realize the value of something until it is gone" All of us must have heard it time and again, in books, movies or speeches or sometimes even from our elders who are trying to teach us a lesson. It is normally used as a warning, when people see us being casual about something or someone. They tell us to be careful and give it proper importance because once it is gone, then we might realize how dear it was to us and might end up regretting it. So we need to more respectful of things and people we have in our life and not take them for granted. True, all of it is true. Every single word makes sense. But then. But what if something or again someone is gone and it doesn't make much of a difference in your life. Things go on more or less the same. The same sun rising in the east, the same shining moon, the same awesome weather (that is if you are in goa, which I am :P), and same boring lectures. It's as if they were p

Sugar Spice and everything nice!

I hope all of you have seen "The Power Puff Girls", one of the most famous cartoons of our times! If not, then I suggest you stop reading and go watch a few episodes first. In this particular cartoon,  we have three girls who save the day, every other day. Going into their background, they were so to say "concocted" by Professor Utonium. The professor wanting to make perfect girls had made the "formula" very carefully and was in the process of making them, when a mysterious chemical by the name of "Chemical X" accidentally fell into the concoction!!! And so were born the power puff girls, Blossom Bubbles and Buttercup! Alas the world was safe. Well my point comes later. If you've seen the cartoon, you can see how different these three girls are. They have very different personalities from the beginning. Blossom (the one in pink), is the smart one, the leader of the three, She is shown to be the most mature and level-headed. Bubbles