"Distance makes the heart go like, huh? "

                            "You don't realize the value of something until it is gone"

All of us must have heard it time and again, in books, movies or speeches or sometimes even from our elders who are trying to teach us a lesson. It is normally used as a warning, when people see us being casual about something or someone. They tell us to be careful and give it proper importance because once it is gone, then we might realize how dear it was to us and might end up regretting it. So we need to more respectful of things and people we have in our life and not take them for granted. True, all of it is true. Every single word makes sense. But then.

But what if something or again someone is gone and it doesn't make much of a difference in your life. Things go on more or less the same. The same sun rising in the east, the same shining moon, the same awesome weather (that is if you are in goa, which I am :P), and same boring lectures. It's as if they were picked off and tied up in a cave and your life would remain unchanged. And you realize their absence only when they occasionally call, for help, from the cave of course. And it's not even that this particular person wasn't of any importance. No they had quite an involvement in your life, if not on a daily basis, then still pretty regularly! Well this put me in fix. But then on the other hand there are people, you meet only once in a while (the while can be pretty long) and you still miss them. These are the people who aren't around you regularly, hell you might meet them once a year; but without them the sun would be in the clouds, the moon looks dull, goa weather can go wrong!! Well if that happens you really miss them! :P You realize you haven't spoken to them in a day or two and you miss that custom message tone you have for them.

Image result for heart confused cartoonWell for the first scenario, you guys might have been very close and amazing friends and the whole package but then probably that was circumstantial or convenient. When they are leaving, there might be promises flying around, but they remain suspended in the air only. And you don't particularly miss them unless again the call. Another famous quote is "Distance makes the heart grow fonder", but in this case it become "Distance makes the heart go like, huh? "
But the second kind are the special ones. They are the ones who add the sparkle to everything. They make things complete and you would definitely notice their absence. And you don't need to put an effort to keep in touch with them, this happens on its own. So, if you don't miss something/ someone once they are gone, then well, as we say take lite and go chill. 


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