Rain 2.0 :)

The smell of the fresh earth and the wet mud, the dew of the leafs, the pitter patter on the ceiling, I love everything about rain. I love how it makes people stop whatever they are doing even for a second, but that is enough.I love how these tiny drops bring the kid out hiding behind our pile of chores. You all must of heard about beer goggles. It is the name given to this concept where when a person is under the influence of a alcohol, they supposedly perceive things different that they normally would. For me that is rain. The technical term for such a person would be a pluviophile.

Nature also greets rain like an old friend, reunitig after days. Everything becomes beautiful, you can see luscious greenery everywhere you look.The earthy smell of rain, just takes your mind of everything. And if the sun happens to be around, you can witness a picturesque rainbow spanning the blue sky and several tiny ones in the drops that fall. And that rainbow! Ahh! Brings back so many childhood memories at once. Running around chasing it trying to find one of its ends and imagining what it would be like! The magical rainbows! :)

Image result for jumping in puddlesI was one of those kids who would dance around to the music of the rain and also drag people out along with me. I would jump up and down in the puddles and get myself all muddy and accidentally a passerby too. Our ramps would become water slides and we would take turns trying to 'surf'. And we would block out all drains in our backyard and it would soon fill with water and thus we had a tiny pool to play in. We were the mischievous ones in our colony. Even now when it rains you can see mischief gleaming in such people's eyes.As you grow up the rain goggles grow up too.The days of jumping around in puddle are far behind you. But rain is still magical and you can always find ways to enjoy it.
Image result for window sill and rain and chai

For instance here is nothing better than sitting near your window, close enough to feel the rain but far enough to not get wet, with a cup of hot freshly brewed coffee warming your palms, some soothing music in the background and just breathe. The smell and sound if rain just takes your mind off everything and takes you to a place where there is just you and the rain, pouring down. :)


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Rain! :)

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