Sugar Spice and everything nice!

I hope all of you have seen "The Power Puff Girls", one of the most famous cartoons of our times! If not, then I suggest you stop reading and go watch a few episodes first. In this particular cartoon,  we have three girls who save the day, every other day. Going into their background, they were so to say "concocted" by Professor Utonium. The professor wanting to make perfect girls had made the "formula" very carefully and was in the process of making them, when a mysterious chemical by the name of "Chemical X" accidentally fell into the concoction!!! And so were born the power puff girls, Blossom Bubbles and Buttercup! Alas the world was safe.
Well my point comes later. If you've seen the cartoon, you can see how different these three girls are. They have very different personalities from the beginning.

Blossom (the one in pink), is the smart one, the leader of the three, She is shown to be the most mature and level-headed.
Bubbles (the one in blue) as the name suggests is the cute and bubbly one. Always jumping around and at the same time, timid, shy and sensitive.
Buttercup (the one in green) , is the tomboy of the trio. She is the tough one, very protective of her family but selfish at times. She is very impulsive and sometimes has clashes with her sisters.

These three girls were made by the same Professor and had the same 'ingredients', but they turn out very different from each other. They might look a little similar on the outside but are very different on the inside. They took a liking to things that appealed to them which as a matter of fact had nothing to do with how they were made. This goes to say that in spite of having everything similar, they were different. This shows that a person's individuality is to some extent their own choice and depends on their won decision. There is no formula to it. It is a result of their own thought process, ideas and views. Similarly all of us have a little sugar, little spice and probably a lot of things nice, but we are very different individuals and that is what defines us.The three power puff girls may not just be girls but also a representation of what might form the basis of a person, the three basic governing traits. Responsibilities, innocence and strength.

The Power Puff girls also contributed to the "Girl Power". They showed the girls as taking charge and saving the day. It shows girls as strong and confident without losing their femininity. But more on that later. Getting back, we all might have a little of each of the three girls in ourselves.And having the three of them in different proportions is what makes us different. Well we all might be different, good or bad, no one can say, but I think it will all be fun as long as we have Chemical X! 


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