What is the point of it all?!

It is a general opinion that a person's college life is the best time in his or her life.It is probably because in college there is a lot of freedom and not a lot of responsibility. We have the liberty to be carefree here because there isn't a lot of risk involved. It is like a transition phase from being a kid with restrictions and being an adult and totally independent. College life gives us just enough independence. And this comes right after the gruesome two years, where most of us study for more number of hours that we can count, have coaching classes and tuition and what not. Basically back then we were so involved in entrance exams and calculus and organic that we did not have time to look around and have fun. And also we were living with parents under restrictions and not a lot of room. It's like you are sitting in the driver's seat but the car is being controlled by a remote control. Once we come to college, that remote comes into our hands and we have all the control we want. No one to nag or scold or stop you. Well this sums up why college is 'amazing'!!

But then there are certain activities, things and people you invest yourself in, not knowing if they will last or not. You might become very close to someone (let's not use the word best-friend) or a group of people over the span of your college life but what if all of it was to fall apart when college ended..?? You invest in these people and places emotionally and mentally, going beyond your comfort zone for them. What if there was no guarantee that these friendships would last beyond the boundary of the campus.It's like buying an expensive share and regularly monitoring it and not knowing if it going to give you the returns you want. Probably the dividends it gives you are lucrative enough for you to stick with it, but what if it does not give you what you want in the long run. Is it at all worth to keep that share with you, enjoying dividends..? (I tried to get my facts right for this analogy but pardon me if something does not fit). Probably if you had known that it wasn't going to pan out you would not have invested it in at all to begin with. Then all that time might just seem pointless.

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Well, I think there is no guarantee for anything, not friendship, not love or even the stock market in this case. It might be promising when you sleep and the next morning you find that it has crashed and things go haywire. People might tell you that it's all okay and taking risks is the thing to do and that life is no fun without risks and all that. But I think even if we have just one life to live, why not cut our losses and save ourselves some grief. Rather that going into a blind alley it might be useful to find out about it before heading inside. So you can take risks and have fun but be sure that the deal is not very bad and the dividends don't turn out to be worthless. For instance, when you are about to take a hot shower, you just don't dive in, you test the water by putting your hand in first and step in if it feels okay. Then why not take life's temperature every now and then? Something to think about.


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