Tug of war - your decision

There is a popular game in India called Rassa Kashi, or commonly known as tug of war. It is played a lot in India and there are proper tournaments and competitions for it. Athletes train regularly for it, basically it is a not just a game, here it is a sport. This game usually has two teams on the opposite sides holding a rope, and trying to pull it towards themselves.

If you have ever noticed, it is a pretty thick rope, and holding on to it when it is being snatched away from you is pretty hard. Firstly there is a lot of friction involved when the rope is being tugged on by two ends, and due to that friction a lot of heat is generated and your palm may get burnt, also secondly, holding on to something so tight when someone else is trying to snatch it from you can give you bruises, and not just those tiny ones, deep bruises and maybe even cuts.

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You might be wondering why I am suddenly talking about this. Well, I have a good reason for it. I am trying to draw an analogy to our life and relationships here. That we might try to hold on to something pretty tight and in the struggle, we might not only lose the rope and hence the game but also get injured on the side as well. The cuts you get in the game might be repairable and you can fix them but the cuts you get when someone leaves or when you lose something very dear to you are very hard to fix. You can go to the best doctors across the world and they won't be able to fix you. And even if you do manage to fix it, it will not be the same. Like once a mirror is broken and you put it back together with glue or even feviquick, you can still see the cracks in the reflection. (refer Scars)

So,  even after putting in everything you've got, and when you know that you can't put in even the tiniest bit more, you know if you are going to win or lose the game, it doesn't happen just like that, Slowly, bit by bit, the other team overcomes your force and pulls the rope away from your hand, leaving a nasty scar and probably a burn. I can see this going two ways, either you hold on to the rope tight till the very last second, till the last jerk and end up losing or when you know that even after putting everything in you cannot win, be a sport and let the rope go. This way you lose but you don't end up hurt.(and well if you suddenly leave the rope the other team falls on their ass :P that is a plus point tot! ) Which one is it going to be?


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