On a plane

I am on a plane on my way back to college after a week of pure leisure or to be precise laziness. At 10,000 feet in the sky, squished along with about 150 odd people on a vessel, with no way to escape or "get off". You have to ride out the journey. And mine is a pretty long one too, 2.5 hrs sitting in one seat that barely gives me space to stretch my legs! What is one to do in a situation where you have no means of entertainment and you have to sit with patience for the next 2 hours or so! Well, you start looking around at your fellows passengers. For  me this is a bit more interesting because I am on a flight to goa. Goa is sort of like the Las Vegas of India, where people go to sin!

So as expected my fleet is made up of an odd bunch of people, a group of college students going on a trip, family vacations, newly married couples, foreigners or people looking to escape from it all. Next to me is sitting a couple, speaking in a foreign language, maybe Russian, they look very outdoorsy. They have a go pro and are filming their trip with it. They both have rings on their fingers, so I'm assuming married and still in love. My guess would be that they are treating themselves to vacation in a foreign land. On the other side of the aisle is an adolescent boy travelling alone. A little scared, and a little curious. Looking up and down the aisle every now and then. eating homemade parathas.

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A few rows ahead is a group of 4-5 friends who seem too old to be in college, and too excited at the same time, I would guess, this is their first time to Goa. Well isn't that fun. A few rows behind me is a couple of couples and one of them is newly married because the woman is wearing the traditional bangles a new bride in the Indian culture wears. They seem to have a pretty odd situation going on. The husbands are getting along pretty well, laughing and discussing plans and the two wives are not speaking to each other at all! Honeymoon hijacked..?! Maybe! One of the air hostess seems to be really interested in this young man sitting diagonally opposite to me. Smiling a little too much, giving advice, being very hospitable, well that's a story that writes itself. 

I look around and I see such variety of people on one aeroplane. Such different people going through life in their own ways. The next time you are bored just look around and observe people, observe life taking place.


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