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Happy 2016!

As I sit here waiting for the ball to drop, I can't help but think about the year that has passed and the one that is about to come. It has been one hell of a roller coaster, with a lot of blind alleys and sharp turns. And also some good times as well. All of this made me grow up in a worldly sense and made me a little more prepared for the world that is waiting out there for me. When I step out into the world this coming year I will be a little more confident with a bright smile on my face. A new year brings hope to every single person, a fresh start. A do over if you may. It's like when you would buy new school notebooks and promise yourself to maintain it properly or at the beginning of every semester you vow to study well. It is a blank canvas, waiting to be painted by you yet again, and every time you get a blank canvas it is up to paint it vibrant or mellow. It's like when the clock strikes 12 you get redemption from everything of the past year. And this is p

I want Delhi back!

What is wrong here..?!   Delhi is one city that is close to my heart. I love it despite the pollution, the crowd, the heat and well the occasional traffic. I love all of it. Delhi is a city that accepts everyone with open arms and has a lot to offer. But lately, when I look at the news and I see rape stories and molestation cases it just leaves me angry and hopeless. These incidents just keep happening every other say. Because of such incidents Delhi has come to be known as the "Rape Town". People laugh at us and make jokes about the situation here and hold prejudice against this majestic city. To us, the people of Delhi, it is refreshing and fun and very beautiful, for us it is home. But if you go talk to an outsider, you will see Delhi under a completely different light. To them, Delhi feels like a supremely unsafe place with incessantly increasing crime rates. This has gone to a point where none of my college friends ever want to live there, and moreover, the very ide