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The perfect moment

Love, true love! We have been trying to find the real meaning of true love. We have seen it in movies, read it in books, probably a couple in real life as well. But what I witnessed today, doesn't come close to Romeo and Juliet. They had their moments of course, but today I felt so overwhelmed that I just had to sit down and write this down on a blog I haven't been able to find time for. So my brother is getting married, and no I am not talking about the love between the soon-to-be newlyweds. The festivities are yet to begin, and we all have just too much work right now. From arranging things to decorating the house. My dad has been handling the entire thing on his own with some help from us and hence has been very stressed, and since it's just the fours of us for now, there isn't anyone to help out right now, but not to worry help is on the way. My parents had been bickering and fighting since morning over the little details of the wedding. Doing their respective

Kannda Gothella!

Sorry, I have neglected you for quite a while now and there is no reason good enough to explain or even justify it. I will try to not take such a long break. Well, my life has been in an upheaval, I was randomly asked to move to Bangalore one fine day in August, that's it! And since then I have been trying to find my balance here. This place is very new to me, nothing like what I had imagined. It's the farthest I have been from home. Goa was far too but here things are quite different from where I come from. First of all and the most major thing is that I do not know the local language at all.  About four years ago I had written a blog along the same lines as I am about to ramble on today. Well four years ago, it was a period of change for me, a transition. I had moved from my parent's house into a college on the other side of the Tropic of Cancer. I was living in a hostel with complete strangers. It was the first time I was out of the house and into the

Some things on my mind.

There are many things in the world people hold very closely and dearly. Their loved ones, their possessions, memories, family, friends and much more. But there is one thing that we all could bear to pay more attention to, it is self-respect. You can do everything right and still end up in a dumpster, but what is most important in life is that you respect yourself more than anyone else. It is very common and rather natural to do things for the people we love. These things sometimes may take a toll on us too! I am not saying that you shouldn't go above and beyond for someone you love, but you need to know when to draw the line and stop sticking your neck out for someone else. That is what self-respect is all about. Respecting yourself and your feeling more than anyone else in the whole world. There is no one good enough in this world for you to get clobbered over again and again. Just have a little faith, and I know that it going to be hard, so buckle your seat belt and hit the brea

A farewell from home!

I would have sat down about a hundred times to write down this article, but I could never bring myself up to it. I never knew what to say or what to write because I never knew how it would actually feel. But the moment I left that place, the campus, Goa, was overwhelming! The only thing I could think of was the first moment I stepped on the campus. The view was just amazing, it felt like a resort at a glance. But my first thought was "oh shit! I made a bad decision." Well, you can imagine the train of thought that followed.  And four years later I am standing in the very same spot, the same view, but I had this gut wrenching pain in my stomach. This thought that I had to leave (for good or bad I don't really know), had finally dawned on me. The thought that I wasn't going to come back to this place I had called home for the last four years was just too much to handle. I just stood there and stared at this place which had given me so much! This place

The Impromptu Jog

So it was around 3:30 am on a Sunday and I just couldn't sleep. I had been lying on my bed for about an hour now tossing and turning and just hoping that I would soon be engulfed in dreams. Nothing seemed to be working, in fac,t I think I had counted around 173 sheep before I gave up. So I decided to go disturb someone else. Normally it is my neighbour Kaju, who has a proficiency in pulling all nighters just like that. But surprisingly her light was off, it was weird. And thankfully my front door neighbour Anuja was up reading one of my favourite books, Harry Potter. You need to know something about the two of us, I make the plans (sometimes ridiculous ones too) and more often than not she is one of the few people who agrees and acts on them. So after a bit of chit chatting she said: "Shiro if I'm up for another 1.5 hours, let us do it!". "It" was my plan to go jogging to this nearby beach in the morning and have breakfast there. And I agreed, and the resid

RIP Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman has portrayed many characters and all of them were simply amazing. From the villain of Die Hard to the hero in Harry Potter, he has touched many a lives through his characters. But the one I will remember and cherish the most is Severus Snape. He gave life to a character we had all only imagined in our heads and read in the books. He did justice to Snape and somehow managed to surpass the expectations all we had from anyone who ever played Snape. There is no one, absolutely no one who will ever even come close to Alan Rickman.                                                    This one photo just breaks my heart. He may have moved on to a better place, but we will always remember what a charismatic person he was and how he won our hearts with his mesmerising acting. I don't have much to say as the internet will be flooded with information about him, his glories his successes, his life, everything. I would just end by saying that from now on every time I tu

The Last Chapter..Almost

Here I am, waiting to go to college, one last time. Not that my course is ending, but these are the last 4 months I will be spending within the confines of BITS Pilani Goa Campus. This is my last semester here. After roughly 3.5 years in this place, you have a sense of belonging, and a certain comfort level. I could close my eyes and walk around the campus and not bump into a single pillar (hopefully :P ) This is how familiar this place has become to me, I know everyone here, the students, faculty, the guards, the laundry guy, the mess people, everyone and now they have come to know me too, not by my name but yeah, they do remember me. Once you enter the gates, it like electric, you get to learn so much here, everyone single person has something to offer, something that you wouldn't know. This place never says no to any dream, you a desire a passion for something, this place will help you out! I have seen people launch into different directions from here. Thi