RIP Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman has portrayed many characters and all of them were simply amazing. From the villain of Die Hard to the hero in Harry Potter, he has touched many a lives through his characters. But the one I will remember and cherish the most is Severus Snape. He gave life to a character we had all only imagined in our heads and read in the books. He did justice to Snape and somehow managed to surpass the expectations all we had from anyone who ever played Snape. There is no one, absolutely no one who will ever even come close to Alan Rickman.

                                                   This one photo just breaks my heart.

He may have moved on to a better place, but we will always remember what a charismatic person he was and how he won our hearts with his mesmerising acting. I don't have much to say as the internet will be flooded with information about him, his glories his successes, his life, everything. I would just end by saying that from now on every time I turn to a page and it turns out to be 394, a chill will run down my spine and I will be reminded of the great actor who was Alan Rickman. May his soul rest in peace. 


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