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The Impromptu Jog

So it was around 3:30 am on a Sunday and I just couldn't sleep. I had been lying on my bed for about an hour now tossing and turning and just hoping that I would soon be engulfed in dreams. Nothing seemed to be working, in fac,t I think I had counted around 173 sheep before I gave up. So I decided to go disturb someone else. Normally it is my neighbour Kaju, who has a proficiency in pulling all nighters just like that. But surprisingly her light was off, it was weird. And thankfully my front door neighbour Anuja was up reading one of my favourite books, Harry Potter. You need to know something about the two of us, I make the plans (sometimes ridiculous ones too) and more often than not she is one of the few people who agrees and acts on them. So after a bit of chit chatting she said: "Shiro if I'm up for another 1.5 hours, let us do it!". "It" was my plan to go jogging to this nearby beach in the morning and have breakfast there. And I agreed, and the resid