The Impromptu Jog

So it was around 3:30 am on a Sunday and I just couldn't sleep. I had been lying on my bed for about an hour now tossing and turning and just hoping that I would soon be engulfed in dreams. Nothing seemed to be working, in fac,t I think I had counted around 173 sheep before I gave up. So I decided to go disturb someone else. Normally it is my neighbour Kaju, who has a proficiency in pulling all nighters just like that. But surprisingly her light was off, it was weird. And thankfully my front door neighbour Anuja was up reading one of my favourite books, Harry Potter. You need to know something about the two of us, I make the plans (sometimes ridiculous ones too) and more often than not she is one of the few people who agrees and acts on them. So after a bit of chit chatting she said: "Shiro if I'm up for another 1.5 hours, let us do it!". "It" was my plan to go jogging to this nearby beach in the morning and have breakfast there. And I agreed, and the residual amount of sleep that was left in my eyes was suddenly gone.
So, we made the plan and went back to our rooms, She went back to reading and as for me, I sat down to do my work that I had been putting off. Two hours later at 6, we found ourselves with our shoes on, ready to go to the beach! We couldn't believe ourselves that we were actually going through with it, mostly because the two of us are not morning people at all. We roamed aorund our campus for sometime because it was still dark. Half an hour later when we saw the first inkling of light in the sky, we headed out, We were finally on the road. In our three years in college we had gone to bogmalo a lot of times and it was alwasys the same 10 minutes (7 kms) ride from campus. We jogged, we walked and believe it or not towards the end we hopped too. We talked on the way and I found out Anuja was super scared of cows, she would just freeze on seeing one and I had to rescue her. It was slightly cold outside, the sun had not completely come up, we could hear the birds chirping, and the sound of our shoes.

It took us around an hour, a few songs and a lot of talking to run/jog those 7kms. By the end we were completely exhausted. The only thought that kept us going was seeing the beach. At 7:30 we took the familiar turn towards the beach and we were there. We had finally made it and oh it was worth it. Looking at the sea, we forgot how tired we were, we just smiled at each other and exchanged a hi5. We went and sat on the beach and eventually into the water. The cold water felt so good, our feet didn't hurt anymore, it was just mesmerising. We played in the water for sometime and in the settling to just sit there and stare at the unending sea.

We later went to one of the nearby shacks and had good breakfast, sat there for a while and chilled. Not sleeping the eniter night and this jog had made us light headed and we ended up laughing the whole way back. It was a good day and one thing crossed off our bucket lists.


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