A farewell from home!

I would have sat down about a hundred times to write down this article, but I could never bring myself up to it. I never knew what to say or what to write because I never knew how it would actually feel. But the moment I left that place, the campus, Goa, was overwhelming! The only thing I could think of was the first moment I stepped on the campus. The view was just amazing, it felt like a resort at a glance. But my first thought was "oh shit! I made a bad decision." Well, you can imagine the train of thought that followed. 

And four years later I am standing in the very same spot, the same view, but I had this gut wrenching pain in my stomach. This thought that I had to leave (for good or bad I don't really know), had finally dawned on me. The thought that I wasn't going to come back to this place I had called home for the last four years was just too much to handle. I just stood there and stared at this place which had given me so much!

This place has been nothing short of home for me. A home that has actually become a part of me! In the middle of the Saturday nights that turned into the mornings with chola bhatura, our staple breakfast for Sunday, I found friends that turned into family. You never realise how these people who just hang out in your room, suddenly become so important that life itself seems incomplete without them. And on a side note, if you are lucky enough to find such people, hold on tight and never let go! My first drink near the back lane of the campus with my best friend or that late night walks with that someone special or being dragged to the mess by that one friend who cares or the other who sits with you in the library! These people become an intricate part of your life in a way that you can never let go!

I have so many memories of that place, the buildings itself are so important to me. I could just close my eyes and reach the library without having to stop for a second. But that is not the fun part, being stopped on that road about 10 times by friends and classmates, that this short stretch of 5 mins takes you half an hour is the fun part. I walked that road again, one last time and it was empty, with no one to stop me at all. And that is when I realised it was all over! Four wonderfully amazing years in this college had finally come to an end. And now the only thought that gives me some comfort is that maybe I am leaving this place but I am always going to carry these friends with me! And our motto will be " Before 30 days are up!"


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