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Kannda Gothella!

Sorry, I have neglected you for quite a while now and there is no reason good enough to explain or even justify it. I will try to not take such a long break. Well, my life has been in an upheaval, I was randomly asked to move to Bangalore one fine day in August, that's it! And since then I have been trying to find my balance here. This place is very new to me, nothing like what I had imagined. It's the farthest I have been from home. Goa was far too but here things are quite different from where I come from. First of all and the most major thing is that I do not know the local language at all.  About four years ago I had written a blog along the same lines as I am about to ramble on today. Well four years ago, it was a period of change for me, a transition. I had moved from my parent's house into a college on the other side of the Tropic of Cancer. I was living in a hostel with complete strangers. It was the first time I was out of the house and into the