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The perfect moment

Love, true love! We have been trying to find the real meaning of true love. We have seen it in movies, read it in books, probably a couple in real life as well. But what I witnessed today, doesn't come close to Romeo and Juliet. They had their moments of course, but today I felt so overwhelmed that I just had to sit down and write this down on a blog I haven't been able to find time for. So my brother is getting married, and no I am not talking about the love between the soon-to-be newlyweds. The festivities are yet to begin, and we all have just too much work right now. From arranging things to decorating the house. My dad has been handling the entire thing on his own with some help from us and hence has been very stressed, and since it's just the fours of us for now, there isn't anyone to help out right now, but not to worry help is on the way. My parents had been bickering and fighting since morning over the little details of the wedding. Doing their respective