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The Covert Display of Sexism in Our Advertisements

Have you ever taken a close look at the advertisements on the television? It is commendable how they manage to appeal to you more often than not. How they know which cord to strike exactly to make you emotional and feel connected.  So the other day, I was listening to some ad jingle, and thanks to Google's autoplay, found myself listening to the most emotional or heart-touching ads on Indian television. Well, having listened to about a dozen such ads, I felt a little offended. I realized that most ads are highly sexist and subconsciously promote the gender stereotypes of society. But this sexism is wrapped in so well in emotions and grand gestures that we all don't seem to notice it at first. Throughout history, advertisements have been marred by overt and explicit sexism, perpetuating harmful stereotypes and objectifying women. However, as society has become more attuned to such overt sexist displays, advertisers have adapted by transitioning from overt sexism to covert sexism


Met in the library I gave you a pen Became my best friend I didn’t realise when You stuck by me Through thick and thin We became a team like Tonic and Gin That Mumbai attitude That gujju mind Another one like you Where will I find? Those Preeti outings And the late-night walks our intense discussions And the non-sense I talk Those three days of Waves with "limca" in my bag your endless work and the Co-Co tag! Your ENI courses my chemical Labs the HQ brunches and the Media cab You were a priority Like amazon prime I’ll say “Always” After all this time.

Getting to know the Gray

If there is one thing about me that I might be proud of is that I stand my ground. I stick to my beliefs, no matter the price I have to pay for them. And things for me have always been Black and White, nothing in the middle. I always sorted everything between these two baskets. Grey was never even an option for me. But I have come to look at the finer details of the picture and find find the greys in what I thought was black. Come to think of maybe that was just a little girls' opinion, who was oblivious to the real world and life. I'd rather say that there is nothing absolutely black or white, it is just an elaborate gray-scale, with the ends resembling the magnificent white and black. Nothing in this world is completely white, like Joey says that there is not selfless good deed in the world. So even the "Tide ki safedi white" also has some grains on it. And well what do I say about black. A latent side in everyone maybe, resurfacing time and again, reminding us t

I like the light yellow

I like the light yellow. I can see everything around me just enough. Not too little not too much. It hides the finer details of my room and my life where  I can't find them hidden behind the yellow light It adds a certain dimension to my life makes me feel mysterious intrigues people and makes them curious I like the lite yellow. where I can't see the world harsh it's all kind and mellow <Work in progress>

My Batman!

Wearing my new formals complete with a pen and a notebook I walk into the office to start my first day of a year long internship (college mandated). I knew a senior from college who had already been working at that company. On my first day he comes to my floor and introduces me to this person, let's call him "Mr.Let's kick some ass", later to be known as "Batman, my Batman. He happened to be from my college itself, two years senior in fact. I took an instant liking to him being my college senior and all. Within a month of my joining, I was assigned to work on a project with him. And since then the two of us have working very closely. I like to think of us as Robin and Batman! He was a very cool person to work with. Working with him wasn't like working with a manager or a senior, it was like working with a buddy. It wasn't like I am working for a manager, because to him, my opinions mattered just as much as his own. The reason I am writing is that  to

Offer Letter!

So it has been a crazy weekend. It all started when I received a mail from my office where I am currently working as an intern, offering me a position. A normal reaction would be to be ecstatic with joy and dance around, well my mom covered that part for me. I was excited too! In a couple of months from now I was going to be an Associate Consultant! I did the whole party all weekend thing plus the terrible hangover thing as well! Well, not that the confetti has settled and I have time to catch a breath. It leaves me with a sense of panic. I have always been that person who doesn't believe in the traditional suit and tie office and somehow in 2 months from now, that is where I am headed. This was fine till I was an intern, I was temporary, it was a gig! Now I am going to be a full-time employee. Wearing the wretched formals to work every day, sitting in front of a laptop, doing work that remotely relates to my passion. Where the work I am doing is not contributing one bit to ma

Road Map to life?

This is not one of those sappy articles where I will tell you how to live your life or what are the rules that you should live by. But just something different. As kids we have very few decisions to make in life. The moment we are born the next 20 years of our lives are already planned for us. There are clear cut instructions, a Road map if you may to follow, which you have to follow precisely. The journey starts when you are maybe 3 and start muttering random syllables and your parents are overwhelmed with joy. One fine day, you are dressed in some sort of a uniform and left at this unknown place with kids your age dressed similarly. Pre-school. Here begins your decade long journey of white shirts and grey pants/skirts. If you were a 90s kid from a middle class family, then you would have been familiar with the phrase "Humara beta toh engineer banega!" You go through school trying to get a single digit rank because you happen to be an above average kid and "Sharm

God or not - The Agnostic's Dilemma

There is an ongoing never-ending debate that has been going on since people have had the freedom to express their views. So why not dip our toes in it too. This debate I am talking referring to is about the existence of God or for that matter the existence of anything supernatural. I for one lie somewhere in the middle. I belong to a class of people who like to call themselves agnostics, the people of science. We are a group that is not opposed to the idea but would like some proof or logical explanation. If you can give me a logical explanation as to how having a ceremony in my house going to help me get a promotion, I'll be glad to hear it, until then please don't impose. So yeah, I am somebody who believes this but on one hand, if my mom says to drop by the temple on my way to work, I don't fight her much and oblige. The reason for this is that half my life I have been blindly following my parents for the lack of the ability to have my own opinions. But from the momen

A good solid pair of shoes!

I'm having a bad day. Got off the wrong side of the bed, and my hair just refuses to stay normal. I'm already running late when I realize that none of my formals are ironed. I have booked my pool, which will arrive at any minute at my location, expecting me to greet him on the road, little does he know that I can't find my charger. Somehow I manage to pull myself together, grab my stuff, and reach the door. Now, here is something good. I look down at my shoe rack, with my beautiful footwear stacked neatly, and I forget all about the horrible morning I have been having. I choose which one gets to go out today, tell the others I love them just as much, and leave home, for yet another struggle of a day. So, I'm not much for one with fashion and clothes but I have a weakness. Shoes! Oh my, that pretty pair of Charles and Keith kept in my cupboard do for me what no amount of ice cream or chocolate or a chick flick can. I remember the day I got them. I was having one of th

"Doing our own thing, together"

Just last night I was sitting with my friend. Both of us in living room, trying to decide on a gift for the upcoming birthday of a friend. In all of this we opened his Facebook profile and started looking at pictures, hoping something somewhere would give us a hint. And let me tell you looking through old photos on Facebook late at night with your college bestie is a mistake. Do not get sucked it. So yeah, there we are innocently looking at pictures and MTV that has been playing horrible music, suddenly decides to give us a soft background music through this, pushing us deeper down the memory lane. It hasn't even been a year since we left college, so the wound is still pretty fresh. And we got to reminiscing. Those catch phrases, those songs, which if someone starts to sing there is no going back, random nights, inside jokes, late night studying and what not. Digging up stories from the past, thing we remember, things we don't and things we pretend to remember just for the s

Would we still be friends?

We make connections with people at every stage of our life, from when we start school and have no sense what so ever to even now! Some of these relations last and stay with you while others fade away with time and become a background you might look at once in a while. The lasting of these bonds that we form has a lot to do with a combination of circumstances and the effort we put it. If either of them is off, your connection will get short. So what I have been thinking is that sometimes we find people we instantly click with and over a period of time we become close with them. What if the circumstances were to change. For example, say you made friends with people in school and then went off to college. In my case, I have changed tremendously over the last 4 years. I have matured and grown up to a lot in comparison to the pig tails girl I was back in school. So when I meet my friends from the past, it is a little hard to reconnect and get back into that track again, but it does normall

Is Polygamy Coming Back?

Hi! Long time no see! Well, it would appear as if I am talking to the readers but honestly, it is just my blog, and to be even more honest I don't even know how many people are actually reading this, so let's just save face! Yeah, so last night my two best friends and I were having random intense discussions about life, love, careers, and sex. (too bold? hmm inspired by the show Sex and the City). Well, an article titled Sex and the City with Bangalore as the Night might make for an interesting read. Ohh I am going off-topic, so let's get back. So we are just three girls who are quite different when it comes to such topics and we have our own opinions which we are casually discussing over dinner. And then this arbitrary discussion takes a turn to discuss polygamy. For as long as we have lived, in our culture and society, we have known only monogamous life. You find someone, marry them, and stay with them for the rest of your life. And things have been going prett