A good solid pair of shoes!

I'm having a bad day. Got off the wrong side of the bed, and my hair just refuses to stay normal. I'm already running late when I realize that none of my formals are ironed. I have booked my pool, which will arrive at any minute at my location, expecting me to greet him on the road, little does he know that I can't find my charger. Somehow I manage to pull myself together, grab my stuff, and reach the door. Now, here is something good. I look down at my shoe rack, with my beautiful footwear stacked neatly, and I forget all about the horrible morning I have been having. I choose which one gets to go out today, tell the others I love them just as much, and leave home, for yet another struggle of a day.

So, I'm not much for one with fashion and clothes but I have a weakness. Shoes! Oh my, that pretty pair of Charles and Keith kept in my cupboard do for me what no amount of ice cream or chocolate or a chick flick can. I remember the day I got them. I was having one of those "kick you in the crotch, spit on your neck" (if you are a Friends fan, you will get it. If not, then go watch it!) weeks when a bunch of us decide that we should spend the day shopping. Having nothing better to do, I reluctantly agree to go. After spending quite a bit of time trying on clothes in stores, we stumble across this store, with the most elegant footwear I've ever seen, looking for a home! I looked at this pair, and it was love at first sight for me. I just knew I had to have them. They were the pick-me-up I had needed all along.

Shoes are not just something you wear on your feet because well it's hygienic or the social norm. They are a very important part of your ensemble. Your outfit could be stunning, but if you don't have a pair of shoes to go with them, believe me, it's not going to work. Shoes are a source of confidence, a pair of good wedges will set you apart from those raggedy shoe-wearing people. Sitting at work, wishing you were home, you look down and you feel the shoes and you know it's not all bad. Call me crazy, but a good pair of shoes can make or break my day! I am a let's throw a shoe at the problem kind of person! Well not currently as I don't have enough money to throw on shoes, but I would want to be! But trust me on this, a good solid pair of shoes can do wonders for you.


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