Is Polygamy Coming Back?

Hi! Long time no see! Well, it would appear as if I am talking to the readers but honestly, it is just my blog, and to be even more honest I don't even know how many people are actually reading this, so let's just save face! Yeah, so last night my two best friends and I were having random intense discussions about life, love, careers, and sex. (too bold? hmm inspired by the show Sex and the City). Well, an article titled Sex and the City with Bangalore as the Night might make for an interesting read. Ohh I am going off-topic, so let's get back. So we are just three girls who are quite different when it comes to such topics and we have our own opinions which we are casually discussing over dinner.

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And then this arbitrary discussion takes a turn to discuss polygamy. For as long as we have lived, in our culture and society, we have known only monogamous life. You find someone, marry them, and stay with them for the rest of your life. And things have been going pretty fine I guess. It has its quirks but it has been working. But what if polygamy has more to offer and we as a species would be happier in a polygamous way of life? Speaking in broader terms, monogamy is pretty new to the world considering it hasn't been around longer than 1000 years and our ancestors were in fact practitioners of polygamy. Something that has stuck around for long has to have had its reasons.

Well according to one of my friends, and trust me is good at this,( in fact, she is my go-to girl). She thinks humans as a whole were not meant to live a monogamous life as we know it. We are inherently and innately a polygamous lot! She got me thinking if this is really true and I did some research and it turns out she is right. Monogamy had something to do with the influence of the church and Christianity, but I would rather not go in that direction.

Well, in the last couple of months, there is at least one thing that I have learned and that is you cannot get everything you want from one person itself. That doesn't mean you have to go around having multiple boyfriends but, yeah. Expecting that one person to fulfill all your needs is I think not realistic. And the sooner you accept it the better. And I think it is okay to have different people for the different needs an individual might have. This is something I have realized recently. Maybe I am growing up?

Yeah so building on this fact, maybe a polygamous lifestyle would take the pressure off and we could be happier that way. With not having just that one person in life. I am not a very pro-polygamy person, but yeah this definitely got me thinking. And well she seems to claim that "Polygamy is definitely coming back, and it is the future". I for one am not too sure, but I am curious to see how the"till death do us part" system will change under polygamy!


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