"Doing our own thing, together"

Just last night I was sitting with my friend. Both of us in living room, trying to decide on a gift for the upcoming birthday of a friend. In all of this we opened his Facebook profile and started looking at pictures, hoping something somewhere would give us a hint. And let me tell you looking through old photos on Facebook late at night with your college bestie is a mistake. Do not get sucked it.

So yeah, there we are innocently looking at pictures and MTV that has been playing horrible music, suddenly decides to give us a soft background music through this, pushing us deeper down the memory lane. It hasn't even been a year since we left college, so the wound is still pretty fresh. And we got to reminiscing. Those catch phrases, those songs, which if someone starts to sing there is no going back, random nights, inside jokes, late night studying and what not. Digging up stories from the past, thing we remember, things we don't and things we pretend to remember just for the sake of it.

In our last semester, so this friend of mine used to live in my room. And at the end of our day, she would on the bed playing poker or watching some movie, I would be on my laptop doing the same, with my current loop song playing in the background. Sitting in that tiny room, not talking to each other, doing our own thing, together. It has been a year, college has ended (for her atleast, and no I did not fail, just a 5 year course thing), we all have jobs, the group has been dismantled and we are all in different states, trying to keep our friendships alive, far away that snapchat is our way of feeling connected now. Despite the regular trips we make to meet each other, it is a little rough, and is bound to be.

What made me smile last night was what happened after our session of discussing stories and sighing at how much we miss that life. So after a tiring day of work yesterday. We were sitting in our decently sized flat (suck it mumbai!) in the lobby. She was playing Dota on her laptop, I was lying on the bean bag next to her reading Gone Girl, the TV was playing some random song. We were sitting there in our home, not talking to each other, doing our thing, together, once again. In this unpredictable ever-changing life, at least somethings are still the same! I just smile to myself and get lost in my book trying to find the missing wife.


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