Would we still be friends?

We make connections with people at every stage of our life, from when we start school and have no sense what so ever to even now! Some of these relations last and stay with you while others fade away with time and become a background you might look at once in a while. The lasting of these bonds that we form has a lot to do with a combination of circumstances and the effort we put it. If either of them is off, your connection will get short. So what I have been thinking is that sometimes we find people we instantly click with and over a period of time we become close with them. What if the circumstances were to change. For example, say you made friends with people in school and then went off to college. In my case, I have changed tremendously over the last 4 years. I have matured and grown up to a lot in comparison to the pig tails girl I was back in school. So when I meet my friends from the past, it is a little hard to reconnect and get back into that track again, but it does normally happen.

This is just one minor change that I wrote about, life might take us to the ends of the earth and give us new experiences. And as a result of this we constantly keep changing and evolving, powering up! We might not realize it today or tomorrow but if we look back over the years that have passed, the person you have become might be completely different from what you were.

We go away, we grow up, change our opinions and interests. So if we met these people now, would we still be friends? If there wasn't a history there, bonding the two people, would our changed or modified versions still want to hangout with each other! Well! probably not, but I think we need these people in our lives to keep that part of us alive. For me that has to be a pig tailed spoiled nerdy kid! It is important to remember what we were and where we have come from. And these friends that have stuck around through all the transformations you have gone through are worth hanging on to. And I think if there wasn't anything between the two of you to begin with, you wouldn't have lasted this long. 


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