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Road Map to life?

This is not one of those sappy articles where I will tell you how to live your life or what are the rules that you should live by. But just something different. As kids we have very few decisions to make in life. The moment we are born the next 20 years of our lives are already planned for us. There are clear cut instructions, a Road map if you may to follow, which you have to follow precisely. The journey starts when you are maybe 3 and start muttering random syllables and your parents are overwhelmed with joy. One fine day, you are dressed in some sort of a uniform and left at this unknown place with kids your age dressed similarly. Pre-school. Here begins your decade long journey of white shirts and grey pants/skirts. If you were a 90s kid from a middle class family, then you would have been familiar with the phrase "Humara beta toh engineer banega!" You go through school trying to get a single digit rank because you happen to be an above average kid and "Sharm

God or not - The Agnostic's Dilemma

There is an ongoing never-ending debate that has been going on since people have had the freedom to express their views. So why not dip our toes in it too. This debate I am talking referring to is about the existence of God or for that matter the existence of anything supernatural. I for one lie somewhere in the middle. I belong to a class of people who like to call themselves agnostics, the people of science. We are a group that is not opposed to the idea but would like some proof or logical explanation. If you can give me a logical explanation as to how having a ceremony in my house going to help me get a promotion, I'll be glad to hear it, until then please don't impose. So yeah, I am somebody who believes this but on one hand, if my mom says to drop by the temple on my way to work, I don't fight her much and oblige. The reason for this is that half my life I have been blindly following my parents for the lack of the ability to have my own opinions. But from the momen