God or not?

There is an on-going never-ending debate that has been going on since people have had the freedom to express their views. So why not we dip our toes in it too. This debate I am talking referring to is about the existence of God or for that matter in the existence of anything supernatural. I for one lie somewhere in the middle. I belong to a class of people who like to call themselves agnostics, the people of science. We are a group that is not opposed to the idea but would like some proof or logical explanation. If you can give me a logical explanation to how having a ceremony in my house going to help me get a promotion, I'll be glad to hear it, until then please don't impose.

So yeah, I am somebody who believes this but on one hand, if my mom says to drop by the temple on my way to work, I don't fight her much and oblige. The reason for this is that half my life I have been blindly following my parents for the lack of the ability to have my own opinions. But from the moment I had my own sense of right and wrong and started asking questions with less than adequate answers to them, this blind faith has been diminishing in me. But being raised like that in a society like ours, it becomes inherent and is a little hard to fight.

But what I feel on the other hand is that in my case, my need for logic outweighs my need for faith. But that might not be the case with everyone. So what right do I have to go and wave my propaganda in those faces who don't care about logic as long it gives them some support and gets them through tough times. Would you rather not have those people happy and feeling safe than enlightening them with our science and strip them of this blanket that makes them feel warm and lets them sleep at night? Well, there has to be a line, you can't swaddle yourself in that blanket all your life, escaping from reality. Sometime or the other you will have to get out and face reality. You can keep all the faith you want and I will leave you in peace, until it starts hindering life.


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