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I like the light yellow

I like the light yellow. I can see everything around me just enough. Not too little not too much. It hides the finer details of my room and my life where  I can't find them hidden behind the yellow light It adds a certain dimension to my life makes me feel mysterious intrigues people and makes them curious I like the lite yellow. where I can't see the world harsh it's all kind and mellow <Work in progress>

My Batman!

Wearing my new formals complete with a pen and a notebook I walk into the office to start my first day of a year long internship (college mandated). I knew a senior from college who had already been working at that company. On my first day he comes to my floor and introduces me to this person, let's call him "Mr.Let's kick some ass", later to be known as "Batman, my Batman. He happened to be from my college itself, two years senior in fact. I took an instant liking to him being my college senior and all. Within a month of my joining, I was assigned to work on a project with him. And since then the two of us have working very closely. I like to think of us as Robin and Batman! He was a very cool person to work with. Working with him wasn't like working with a manager or a senior, it was like working with a buddy. It wasn't like I am working for a manager, because to him, my opinions mattered just as much as his own. The reason I am writing is that  to

Offer Letter!

So it has been a crazy weekend. It all started when I received a mail from my office where I am currently working as an intern, offering me a position. A normal reaction would be to be ecstatic with joy and dance around, well my mom covered that part for me. I was excited too! In a couple of months from now I was going to be an Associate Consultant! I did the whole party all weekend thing plus the terrible hangover thing as well! Well, not that the confetti has settled and I have time to catch a breath. It leaves me with a sense of panic. I have always been that person who doesn't believe in the traditional suit and tie office and somehow in 2 months from now, that is where I am headed. This was fine till I was an intern, I was temporary, it was a gig! Now I am going to be a full-time employee. Wearing the wretched formals to work every day, sitting in front of a laptop, doing work that remotely relates to my passion. Where the work I am doing is not contributing one bit to ma