Offer Letter!

So it has been a crazy weekend. It all started when I received a mail from my office where I am currently working as an intern, offering me a position. A normal reaction would be to be ecstatic with joy and dance around, well my mom covered that part for me. I was excited too! In a couple of months from now I was going to be an Associate Consultant! I did the whole party all weekend thing plus the terrible hangover thing as well!

Well, not that the confetti has settled and I have time to catch a breath. It leaves me with a sense of panic. I have always been that person who doesn't believe in the traditional suit and tie office and somehow in 2 months from now, that is where I am headed.

This was fine till I was an intern, I was temporary, it was a gig! Now I am going to be a full-time employee. Wearing the wretched formals to work every day, sitting in front of a laptop, doing work that remotely relates to my passion. Where the work I am doing is not contributing one bit to making this world a better place. Suddenly this offer letter does not seem like my ticket to Hollywood, it seems more like a sentence that I am to serve for the foreseeable future in my life.

Is this what every job is, a way to pay rent and maybe buy some Zara! Well! thinking about the Zara part calms me down a bit! But yeah giving in to this norm of the society where we all get jobs on the weekday and have a life on the weekend. There are some that argue that your job doesn't need to be the passion, think of it as something that pays for you to fuel your passion. Don't get me wrong I like my work! But right about now there is a whistle going on in my head telling me to run fast and run far! I have always been the one in the gang who is disapproving of the whole corporate culture and now I am the who "Gladly accepted the offer". What I am maybe trying to say is that we needn't do everything by the book and by the rules. Maybe going rogue is what some of us are meant for!


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