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Getting to know the Gray

If there is one thing about me that I might be proud of is that I stand my ground. I stick to my beliefs, no matter the price I have to pay for them. And things for me have always been Black and White, nothing in the middle. I always sorted everything between these two baskets. Grey was never even an option for me. But I have come to look at the finer details of the picture and find find the greys in what I thought was black. Come to think of maybe that was just a little girls' opinion, who was oblivious to the real world and life. I'd rather say that there is nothing absolutely black or white, it is just an elaborate gray-scale, with the ends resembling the magnificent white and black. Nothing in this world is completely white, like Joey says that there is not selfless good deed in the world. So even the "Tide ki safedi white" also has some grains on it. And well what do I say about black. A latent side in everyone maybe, resurfacing time and again, reminding us t