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The Covert Display of Sexism in Our Advertisements

Have you ever taken a close look at the advertisements on the television? It is commendable how they manage to appeal to you more often than not. How they know which cord to strike exactly to make you emotional and feel connected.  So the other day, I was listening to some ad jingle, and thanks to Google's autoplay, found myself listening to the most emotional or heart-touching ads on Indian television. Well, having listened to about a dozen such ads, I felt a little offended. I realized that most ads are highly sexist and subconsciously promote the gender stereotypes of society. But this sexism is wrapped in so well in emotions and grand gestures that we all don't seem to notice it at first. Throughout history, advertisements have been marred by overt and explicit sexism, perpetuating harmful stereotypes and objectifying women. However, as society has become more attuned to such overt sexist displays, advertisers have adapted by transitioning from overt sexism to covert sexism