Is ignorance really bliss?

So there is something that I have been thinking for a while now. Our lifestyles today, the independence, the freedom, the lack of any restrictions etc are all very good and is the kind of life we all have aspired to have since we were kids. Since we were able to play house, we have been dreaming of actually living that life for real. But now that I am here, I don't really see what the fuss was all about. Yeah I mean total financial independence is sort of a plus point. But then it comes with its own set of asterisks.

Young adults today have far more liberty than our previous generations at that age. With lesser responsibility and more freedom, our lifestyles have somewhat gone haywire. Maybe we aren't ready for the independence that has been given at such an early stage in our lives. A person in his 20s, is already burdened with a massive change in his lifestyle, i.e. the transition from the carefree college life to that of a responsible full time employee. This in itself is a huge shift to adjust to and adding the other problems one might face at this stage, is the recipe for the cocktail called frustration and in extreme cases even depression.

 If we talk about our work life balance, in many cases, there isn't any. The daylight might end, but the work doesn't. With these high-paying corporate jobs, the money maybe good but the working hours are more than ever, our jobs are extremely demanding and take over almost our entire lives and we are left with only two days, the weekend to relax. To combat such a hectic work life people resort to excessive drinking and smoking and indulge in drugs and an endless line of relationships and affairs. I am not saying that these are bad and neither am I promoting it. But this is neither healthy nor sustainable. We need to figure out a point of balance in our lives.

Another thing that is a vice of the 21st century is heartbreak. We jump into things without really knowing the consequences and then end up feeling sad and lonely. We fall in love at every corner and by the time we are ready to get settled in life, out heart has been taped up and sown back together on god knows how many occasions.

I know this is just one side of it all, and I am talking about only the one aspect here and yeah there is a bright side to it. But for now, let's just really think about our lifestyles and if that is what we really wanted for ourselves. However, with our earlier generations, people did not have the freedom to make such choices and so were maybe shielded from all of this. They had a plan, a plan for life. Everything defined for them, leaving them a map to follow. And if you followed it diligently, you wouldn't find yourself in a bad position at the end of it all.

This is what makes me wonder if that life was maybe better. Not being able to make these choices for yourself saved you from so much trouble. Maybe after all, is ignorance actually bliss?


  1. Interesting perspective and I do understand what you're trying to convey. I keep telling my mom that their childhood and teenage lives were much simpler and happier than what we currently face but hey, grass is always on the green side, huh? :)

    1. Hey! I completely agree. Both sides have their plus sides. But my independence is very dear to me! :P


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