Monji in 5

"Monji par mil"

If you are from BITS Goa or know someone from there, you would have heard about Monjinis or commonly known as Monji (we like to abbreviate everything). Well not everyone, people till the 2k17 batch I think. Monjinis was one of the eateries of our campus and at one time one of the most popular one. Today I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and was shocked to see a post from a junior. It was a photo of the place where our beloved Monji stood at one time. And now it was just a barren piece of land. 

Monjinis was not just another eatery on the campus. It was a landmark. From getting your mobile sim on your first day to your farewell photos on the last, it has been a very important part of every BITSGian's college life. Rather I fell it is not a part of our life, we are a part of it's life. 

I still remember my first semester, when I was a shy homesick kid, and Sam and Pinky would greet me and try to make me feel comfortable. They were the owners and the crew who worked there. The would have fun with everybody, joke with you and the best part, they remembered every one of us. 
Monji was the one stop after every class, munching on Doughnuts, Puffs, Chips, and Coffee. Whenever you had to meet someone you would day, "Monji par mil".

For me at least, you could find me at monji at all times. Sitting between two pillars with a veg puff or a glass of 3X. In my first year, I asked Sam to mix all the three cold drinks he had and give me a glass, and it was my staple drink for a while. I would be sitting there with someone of even alone playing on my phone.

It was where you waited at the beginning of every sem for making your timetable, or chilling in between study sessions at the library during compre, or having your department meeting late at night. It was our conference room and our living room all in one. Now that is isn't there anymore, I feel like a part of my college life has gone missing.

Well, if I am ever back in college, "See you at Monji?"


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