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My apps don't work here!

I have been in Shimla for almost a full week now. My phone that always has full bars, is barely able to catch one or two. And the internet here on my phone is non-existent and the wifi makes me feel like I am 10 years old again. Life here is such a contrast from Bangalore, where I have been living for about two years now. Bangalore is the hub of start-ups and technology. There is tech involved in every aspect of my life. From the time to I wake up to the time I am in my bed trying to fall asleep using my white noise app, there is some or the other app to help me out. If I were to count there would be at least a 100+ apps on my phone easily. And these aren't dormant apps that I use once in a while. These are apps that I use on a regular basis. Ohh how many times have I sat down to clean up my phone and get rid of the extra apps that are there for no reason at all. I can never seem to go down below a 100. From going to the office to eating my meals, ordering groceries, managin

Cooking my problems away

"I needed a plan. A plan to get over my man..and what is the opposite of man? Jam" - Monica Geller (Season 3) When Monica breaks up with Richard, she is at her worst. She doesn't go to work, doesn't socialize much and just wallows. After a few days of wallowing, she decides to take matters into her own hands and gets a plan, the Jam plan.  I am no Monica and I haven't broken up with a Richard, just have a lot of free time on my hand. (refer to previous posts) So to distract myself I decided to try my hand at cooking. I have done that before with little success. I tried making besan chilla at home once in Bangalore and it was a disaster. Somehow I managed to screw up a dish with two ingredients, besan, and salt. It was bad guys.  But cut to my vacation here in Shimla, I decided to cook my dad an evening snack every day he comes back from work. And I ain't cooking the mundane poha or upma, I decided to go fancy, I mean what could possibly go wrong.

My quarter life crisis

Well, I’m 24. Two heartbreaks, multiple fights with friends, a brush with depression, 3 psychologist sessions, a massive breach of my trust and so many bad decisions later I find myself on a flight back to Delhi. A flight back home. You must think this is going to be some teenage sob story or another version of the mean girls. God knows we have so many of them. It is not. Neither is it about overcoming hardships and difficulties in life. It’s about what happens before the great uprising of the person. I am at the lowest point of my life. Like, kick me in the crotch spit on my neck low. Friends reference people. Right about now. It’s pitch dark everywhere and I have to figure my way out. There is nothing I am looking forward to. Okay well, there might be one, I’m looking forward to swimming at my house. But other than that there is nothing giving me any hope. Completely hopeless, friendless and loveless I’m flying back home to pick up my pieces and be whole again. You know what? I

Let's make our crazy story!

Hi! I know this is crazy and so am I. You would have figured that out by now. I know too much has happened in the last couple of weeks, in our lives together and separately. With my fights and your moving away and our fights and the drama. Yes too much indeed. We are still trying to figure our way out of this crap hole we got stuck in. It will take time, but we will eventually get there. Believe me. Okay, now listen to me. Just close your eyes for a second a try to remember the last one and a half years. Remember the time you got your bike and called me down and I came running hurriedly thinking something has happened and you took me on a ride! Or the time my salary came for real and I was home alone, and you rushed over, we went to Polar bear and had an ice-cream together. Or how about the time I came over with beer and we saw comedy shows at your place? Or the time we stood outside Anuja's office for 2 hours in the windy night to take her back home? These are just the first

Incomplete Stories.

You know at every point in life we have to make decisions. We take decisions consciously or sub-consciously every single day. And even the smallest of these decisions can change our lives completely. Have you ever read those Goosebumps books as a child that has 20 different ending and you had to choose an option which would take you to a different ending every time? Life right about now seems like that to me. All our decisions change the course of our life. I have come to understand it as the butterfly effect. And in life, there are some significant decisions that we take, consciously, after a lot of deliberation. So whenever something bad happens and I get sad, I always go back to that very moment, that I know has brought me here. And I keep thinking what if I had gone the other way? What if I had chosen differently? Would I still be here? I like to think that I would have been better off the other way. Life would have been easier, I would have been happier. That is just wishful t

And you loved her too!

When all else slept and we were awake you had your pie and I had my cake! It was the beginning Of something new It was the beginning of me and you! Next thing we know we went to the bull dranks our hearts out ate our stomachs full. Went to the convo you pinned my gown In the Goans rains the two of us drowned. After a night of packing we went on a date sat on the balcony talking till late! We were together and the whole world knew I loved you and you loved me too! Wherever you go and whatever you do never forget Shiro a tiny little girl who loved you and you loved her too!

What makes two people friends?

Well, I have been trying to think of what binds two people together as friends? Why do we make friends with some people and not with others? I have been struggling with the question that why do we make the friends that we do? If I were to ask you point blank, why two people are friends you would probably say that they have common interests and they like the same thing. Which is true to some extent. But when you are three years old, all you know is your ABCDs, some shapes and all the colors of a rainbow. How then do you manage to make friends? They do not have any political inclinations, neither can they discuss the intricacies of Chandler Bing's job, or discuss the latest tech in the market.  I have been trying to read up about it, find studies that indicate something, or articles that might provide me with a theory. To my surprise I couldn't find much about the psychology of friendship, ironically that is a book's name on Amazon. Don't take my word on this, you mi